Discuss with us your goals, we will assess your current situation and create a plan for creating wealth through property.  Retire early and have financial freedom.  We implement your plan and review it with you periodically.

Asset Protection

Creating a substantial property portfolio can be a lifetime’s work, so serious investors need to know how to keep their assets safe.


To assist you to buy or sell your property, we provide a comprehensive service from a Law Firm, Conrad Turnbull Law, to ensure your successful transaction.

Estate Planning

Interested in multi-generational wealth?  We can help with the structures required to ensure your assets are transferable in an efficient manner.

Why You Need Us

Dedicated Support

We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the results you need.


Our advice is backed by some of the industries foremost experts.  We have employ Accredited Property Investment Advisors, Solicitors with expertise in Conveyancing, tax, trust and financial advisory, Financial Advisors, and Mortgage Brokers.


You receive our Written Advice backed by PI Insurance for your comfort and assurance that you will receive professional advice.  We only advise you and act in your best interests.  Everything is transparent and in writing so you can make an informed decision.

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