Kath B from Lake Macquarie, NSW

Originally, my motivation to approach a financial adviser was to determine how I could achieve my goal of retirement.

Previously I had been given advice from other institutions; however they appeared focused on utilizing their own products instead of holistically considering other investment opportunities. I also prefer to be more proactive, be personally involved in the overall processes, decisions and have a hands-on, approachable, personalized adviser.

After lengthy discussions, with particular consideration of my specific financial and personal situation, Conrad Turnbull from Flag Property Investment Services developed a detailed and holistic plan of how I can achieve my specific aims.

One of the essential considerations in my decision to commit to Flag Property Investment Services was to feel an all-embracing trust in the adviser and the advice given.

With the support, patience, advice and professionalism of Conrad, I have gained considerable confidence in my financial decisions and in appreciation to Conrad; I believe I am now on my way to a successful outcome of early retirement.

Kath B from Lake Macquarie, NSW
October, 2014