Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about ensuring you and your family’s peace of mind. It is about making sure that the investments you make now are passed on to your family or beneficiaries in the most effective way.  Doing it correctly can save thousands of dollars in tax each year.  Estate Planning involves a combination of both Law and Financial Planning.  No separate lawyer and no Financial Advisor is able to do the one job by themselves.  Conrad Turnbull holds qualifications in both Law and Financial Planning to ensure you get the most expert advice possible.

We help you develop an effective estate plan will ensure that; Minimises any tax payable; Your assets are transferred to the right beneficiaries with as little tax payable as possible (there are many hidden taxes on death); Assets are protected if any beneficiary has any legal issues;

With family units becoming more complex, estate planning has become even more important in today’s society and often can involve more than a simple will. It can be quite a complex area and it is recommended that you seek professional advice to assist you with implementation once you have considered your options.

How much your assets are protected depends on the way you structure the ownership of assets, various insurances, and your Will.  Ways in which assets can be owned include companies, trusts, partnerships and superannuation – all of which offer different benefits and have different tax implications.  Various types of insurances are available to protect your assets.  And a properly draft Will can save your loved ones thousands of dollars each year if done correctly, which means you give more to your loved ones and they pay less tax.

Conrad Turnbull Law Pty Ltd will ensure no more tax has to be paid than is legally necessary – and that means thousands of dollars in tax savings every year.

Conrad Turnbull Law Pty Ltd provides all the legal services and it is a separate entity from Flag Property Investment Services Pty Ltd.

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