Family Law Property Settlements are a stressful time.  Going through a marriage separation or de facto separation, can be terribly traumatic.  For more than 20 years, Conrad Turnbull has been giving advice to many clients going through a Family Law marriage or defacto breakup.  Therefore, Conrad is able to understand the emotional and financial difficulties caused during this time.

Knowing your rights, and what you are entitled to, is crucial to being able to plan your new life.  The law is only one component to knowing how to achieve the best financial result possible.   The other parts usually involve financial planning advice, and at times, advice about particular Investment properties.  Having all this advice from one expert, Conrad Turnbull, who has qualifications in all these areas (and Mortgage broking advice) will ensure you not only get the Best Legal outcome, but that you will also get the best possible Financial outcome.  And getting the best possible Financial outcome which is crucial to your new life.

Conrad Turnbull Law will ensure you get the best expert advice for both Legal Advice and Financial outcome.  Get the edge and get the right family Law Lawyer working for you.   Call us Now for an initial Consultation at no cost to you, worth over $400, on 0408 927 640 and speak with Conrad Turnbull directly.  Or send us an email and we’ll get back to you shortly. http://Conrad Turnbull Law

Conrad Turnbull Law Pty Ltd provides all the legal services and it is a separate entity from Flag Property Investment Services Pty Ltd.