What Our Clients Are Saying

This is Peter George, with a family of 3 children and wife,  who is Chemical Engineer at Newcastle.  Peter had been trying his best, like his friends were, at getting the right Investment Property.  That’s where Flag Property stepped in with a written advice that was specific to Peter’s objectives.  Now Peter has a great Dual Occupancy with massive rental return, and soon to get his next investment property.  Have a watch and listen at what Peter has to say about the entire process.  http://youtu.be/yOj817Io1J8

Last Friday, 2 November, I got a fantastic result for a client.  I skillfully negotiate a $15,000 discount on a new property selling for $407,000.  That wa a new place too.  My client is so happy with this result.

Another great negotiation.  On 6 November I negotiated an $11,000 discount on a new property selling for $325,900.  A massive discount on  a new property with full depreciation benefits and builders warranty for 6 years.  This was bought for my clients self managed superannuation fund.

Great Result for my client yesterday (2-11-18).  Through skilled negotiation, I saved them $15,000 off the purchase price of $407,000. That’s HUGE!!! A new property in a great Capital Growth area moving upwards, and solid rental returns area. Our client is over the moon with the result. Instant Equity.  We’ll get some photos to add soon

Elisa R, NSW

The whole process was handled easily from finance through to completion of build, securing a local property manager and finding tenants. My property is positively geared providing additional income for my family. The tax advantages are excellent and the projected growth for my investment are nothing short of impressive.

If you are looking to develop and build a property portfolio I have no hesitation in recommending the great team at Flag Property Services. They take the time to really understand how comfortable you are with risk and making quality decisions about your money and future.

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Elisa NSW

Kath B from Lake Macquarie, NSW

Originally, my motivation to approach a financial adviser was to determine how I could achieve my goal of retirement.

Previously I had been given advice from other institutions; however they appeared focused on utilizing their own products instead of holistically considering other investment opportunities. I also prefer to be more proactive, be personally involved in the overall processes, decisions and have a hands-on, approachable, personalized adviser.

After lengthy discussions, with particular consideration of my specific financial and personal situation, Conrad Turnbull from Flag Property Investment Services developed a detailed and holistic plan of how I can achieve my specific aims.

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Allison & Shoey

My wife & I, have always wanted  investment properties when we were younger & raising a young family. The opportunity never arrived, as we were deeply committed in our principal mortgage & we had never sought out a Property Investment Advisor.  Eventually the children have grown, & we started to see a maturity in our principal residence equity.  Again, without an advisor, 5yrs. ago, we bought a property, nervously at Charlestown NSW.  It’s been okay, but I’m sure we would have done better with advice from a Property Investment Advisor. We were ready to buy another property and our accountant recommended  Conrad Turnbull of Flag Property Investment Services.  We took their advice, &  in a year & a half, we have a property in QLD returning over 7% rental income & another property in NSW with very strong capital growth.  All the advice was given to us in writing.

Flag Property Investment Services have supported & advised us all the way, & this has made us very confident in our little business.  I highly recommend Flag Property, to build a strong & prosperous property portfolio, for you & your family.  Thank you so much to Conrad, owner of Flag Property Investment Services.

Thanks Allison & Shoey

M & L Naughton – While husband and wife are running a successful business in the outer area of Sydney, they wanted to start investing in property, but didn’t have the time to do their own research. And with so much different and contradicting information about property investing, they were recommended to see me from their friends who also ran a successful business from the CBD in Sydney.  Within 2 years they had purchased 3 properties in 3 different States.  This reduced their risk and enabled them to start a diversified investment property portfolio.  The particular properties purchased complemented each other so as not to encroach upon their cashflow in their business, yet achieve good capital returns across the portfolio.

Jaime-Lee Woolcott  – an 18 year female purchased a property which is of investment grade, and lives in it in an Area of Lake Macquarie NSW.  The purchase price was $520,000 and I got it at a bargain from a building at a $10,000 discount!  By keeping the purchase price low but ensuring it still had all the modern features of an owner occupier property, she now has over $170,000 increase in value (to median price) as this suburb now has a median price for the similar type of house of $690,000.  That’s 32% increase in value in 2 years!  What 18 year old can make $170,000 in 2 years? What a terrific story!

J & D Doyle – A couple in Sydney that between late 2015 to early 2018 and bought 3 properties, 2 in Qld and 1 in NSW, with 2 being high rental yield well over 6% and the other in high consistent capital growth area of 5%pa year after year over the last 11 years, with an average over 10 years of 5.05% capital growth, and this area is still increasing in value with no slowdown in sight.  The median price has increased from $510,000 to $631,000 in 3 years – that’s 8% per year over the last 3 years or $121,000 in 3 years. But you don’t hear that in the main stream media or online.  Already since February 2018 to October 2018, there has been a further 5% increase in median price and that’s only over 8 months not a full year, and north of Sydney where other areas are declining like Sydney.  The Doyle’s are getting continual capital growth while the Sydney market where they live is still declining.