What affects the Value of Land?

Land is a major component in an Investment Property.  The only other part is the house or building on the Land.

What then, influences the Value of Land?   You must know these as it is critical to the overall value of your investment property, and critical to your long term wealth creation through property investing.

Some of the factors that might influence the value of land enormously included:

  • zoning restrictions
  • the size of the land
  • the slope of the land (or lot/block)
  • soil classification (eg acid sulphate soil)
  • demographics of the area
  • proximity to schools, shops and transport
  • state and federal laws and regulations (including land tax, first home owners grants)
  • easements created by government agencies.

Now that you know these, what are the features of each that influence the value of land?  What should you look for?

These are question I can answer, and the best features of them are sought out by me when I source suitable investment properties for clients.  If  you don’t have the time or knowledge to do all this, then contact me, Conrad Turnbull, Accredited Property Investment Advisor, and I’ll provide you with a written advice specific to your property investing goals.