Who We Are

“I’m very passionate about the advice I give because I see the huge changes it makes to client’s lives.”

Conrad Turnbull

Who We Are

“Working with clients to achieve their goals and watching their wealth grow is what I take great delight in.”

Conrad Turnbull is An Accredited Property Investment Advisor, lawyer, and financial advisor, and has also been a finance broker, and property development investment advisor for many years. Through his legal and financial planning business, he had seen so many of his client’s ups and downs. Many of them have had financial opportunities but few of them knew how to truly embrace them and prosper for the rest of their lives. Conrad then opened his business to include financial planning, finance/mortgage broking and property investing advice so clients could substantially increase their wealth and retire early.  FLAG property investment advice is provided to you in writing and covers:

  • How your goals can be met through property investment.
  • Your property investment strategy including your property budget.
  • The capital growth drivers in selected areas.
  • The timing of purchases.
  • Support and management of the ongoing portfolio.
  • Helping you achieve your wealth goals through property

What We Can Offer


  • Indentify goals
  • Assess capability
  • Model a plan
  • Create the investment strategy
  • Document it

Property Selection

  • Select high growth areas
  • Market analysis
  • Property research
  • Model outcomes
  • Select property


  • Identify market cycles
  • Locate counter cyclical areas
  • Buy at market bottom
  • Buy under the median price
  • Maximize the opportunity